GUANGZHOU HUMMATE ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD which has been founded in 2011 by Koinoworld Co.,Ltd.,is a Korean company, which has more than 23 years' experience in manufacturing massage products professionally. In order to supply high quality products to you, Hummate has formulated a complete set of quality management system in terms of quality control.

Happy, health, and humanity is the concept Hummate has been insisting on. Do you think massage product can change your life? Hummate not only believes it can. We’re already doing it.


5th floor,the 3th row,NO.3 building,Hecheng Industrial Zone, Jinling Bei Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province, China.



After our company was established in 1996, we continued to develop and to produce health and well-being electronic goods under the management principle of “making products of the best quality and value that enhance consumers’ health and quality of life.” We are selling our products through the leading large distributors such as top five home shopping channels, department stores and large discount marts. We are taking off as health and well-being electronic goods specialized company, the best in Korea by leading transformation and innovation based on many years of experience and trust.

Due to the increased increase towards the well-being as the society enters into the society of the aged, customer needs for the health care to live healthy life is continuing to increase, which in turn translates into the expansion into the commercial realm. Accordingly, we developed massaging chair of the massaging method, which is an important tool of the health care. This product is playing the role of the growth lever for our company’s next generation growth as well as help to increase our revenue along with the continued expansion of the market size by preempting the market.

Our company did not stop at this. Instead, we started the construction of the techno center at the cutting edge medical device industrial complex located in Wonju in June 2009, establishing the production facility infra as the main entity of production for expanding company affiliated R&D center and for increasing quality to the maximum level as the Mecca of R&D technological capability.

Moreover, to realize optimal massaging performance, we are leveraging our specific diverse technological capabilities concerning mechatronics technology in electronics and electric, control technology, human body engineered technology for comfort and industrial design capability that factored in the aesthetics in order to continue to develop robot massaging chair with robotics technology.

Sales strategy affiliated with our company’s R&D is faced with the challenges such as fierce price competition due to the indiscriminate importation of low price, low functional Chinese massaging chairs, which in turn decrease profit rate and customers’ dissatisfaction towards post management system.

Accordingly, we will position our company at the buffer zone that lies in between low price Chinese massaging chair and high price Japanese massaging chair.

We will continue to pursue after continual growth as well as customer satisfaction by pre-empting the medium priced massaging chair market with structured fulfillment system and highly functional products that leverage the above mentioned Korea made technologies.