GUANGZHOU HUMMATE ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD which has been founded in 2011 by Koinoworld Co.,Ltd.,is a Korean company, which has more than 23 years' experience in manufacturing massage products professionally. In order to supply high quality products to you, Hummate has formulated a complete set of quality management system in terms of quality control.

Happy, health, and humanity is the concept Hummate has been insisting on. Do you think massage product can change your life? Hummate not only believes it can. We’re already doing it.


5th floor,the 3th row,NO.3 building,Hecheng Industrial Zone, Jinling Bei Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province, China.


  • Oversea Sales:
    1.Full-time college degree or above, majored in foreign language or international trade,22-35 years old;
    2.Familiar with international trade procedure, having a certain understanding in massager industry. More than 1 year working experience in this industry.
    3.Good at communication and working efficiently.
    4.Fluent in oral English as well as writing.
    5.Prefer who has experience in massager industry .
    6.More than 1 year working experience, having good working attitude.
  • Cashier:
    1.More than 3 years working experience as cashier; have working experience in a trading company is a preference.
    2.Understand the national policy, such as tax regulations and bank business.
    3.Hardworking with carefulness, high responsibility, good at communication.
    4.Being responsible with record of company’s cash, bill and deposit.  
    5.Assisting accountant to deal with accounting work.
    6.Being in charge of petty cash and finishing other work assigned by the managements.
  • engineer:
    1.More than 3 years experience in massager or similar products design.
    2.Competent in using PROTEL and PCB.
    3.Having a strong ability to deal with Production Compliance and EMC.
    4. Familiar with AI/SMT Processing, having the strong consciousness of the standardization of circuit design.
    5. Willing to work hard and subject to Superiors.